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Here you can see what offers we have every Sunday for children during the service.     

If you have any questions regarding the children's or teens area, contact the leader of the children's church Jane Baumgartner at

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Minikirke 0-2år


During the sermon, there is an opportunity for the youngest to play with a parent in "Frirum". Here there are lots of toys and a screen so that the adults can follow and listen to what is happening in the Church Hall.

Before the sacrament is instituted, we enter the service again.


NOAHS ARK: 3-6år

In Noah's Ark, we want to give the children a good experience of coming to church - let them feel that the church is also theirs. We want to offer the children a children's church where there is a good atmosphere with security and trust. Here we want the Christian faith to be communicated to all five senses in a way that suits the age of the children.

Parents are very welcome to create security for the child. We experience that the children can only from a base of security accept the invitation to relationships with the other children and the happy message of who Jesus is for them.

Noahs Ark 3-6 år


We meet in the Battalion during all morning services! We will make a children's church that is fun and makes sense to you in 0 - 3 p.m. In addition, we place emphasis on targeting the activities so that both boys and girls can do what they like best! We want the children in the Battalion to establish relationships with each other through activities and conversation.

We have approx. 30 min. together every time we listen to teaching, typically conveyed through plays, stories or puppetry. We talk together, do activities, sing and pray together. In addition, we hold competitions, have fun and sometimes take a football match.

Bataljonen 0.-3. klasse
Frisbee 4.-6. klasse


In Frisbee, we explore what it is like to be a church when going in 4-6. grade. So far, we have discovered that it is, among other things, crazy games, talk about faith, Bible reading, prayer, coziness and lots of fun leaders! There is room for everyone here!

We meet both on Sunday and every other Tuesday for even weeks! 



Sunday morning, teens ages 7-10 meet. class in the teen room. The program varies from Sunday to Sunday but with the common thread that the collection creates space for community and friendship. Together we ask the good questions about life and faith.  Teens also meet every other Wednesday for even weeks.

Søndag for Teens


For the service at 12.30 is open in our Children's Lounge. There will be free soft drinks and chips - and the opportunity to chat with other children, play table tennis, play games or do something creative. There is no adult supervision - so smaller children should preferably be accompanied by a parent.

Hverdag for børn og teens


On weekdays, there are also offers for children and teens in Aarhus Congregation. See below what options there are. If you have any questions for us, please contact Jane Baumgartner by email jane (at)


Club offer for children in 4-6. class Tuesdays in even weeks at. 18.30-20.30. Meet at Mjølnersvej 6, 8230 Åbyhøj. The content of the evenings varies with different activities - but there is (almost) always plenty of time for table tennis, fun with the leaders, cake and devotion. Feel free to invite a friend!



For teens aged 7-10 class Wednesdays for even weeks at. 19-21. Meet at Mjølnersvej 6, 8230 Åbyhøj. In the teen club there is room for both fun and seriousness - and the content of the evenings will reflect this. There is a focus on relationships; both with each other and with God. Everyone is SO welcome - and feel free to bring a friend.



UngVM is a youth community in Aarhus Congregation for young people between 16 and 20 years. We meet weekly and share life with each other, talk about the big and small issues in life, have fun, pray, laugh and drink cocoa together.
We are a community where Jesus is in focus, where we immerse ourselves in the Bible and want to become wiser about why and how God's word is relevant into our everyday lives.

There is UngVM every Wednesday at 19.30 in Aarhus Electoral Congregation. See more on the facebook group UngVM.  


Contact information for managers:


Sarah Thun Kristensen (31535017)

Mads Emil Thun Kristensen (26233666)

Sofie Balle (51897034)

Frederik Bøgelund Friis (30593730)

Samuel Neve (31393280)

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