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The smaller fellowship groups in Aarhus Valgmenighed exist so that we can together build relationships and a network in the church, and at the same time have people we can share and develop our life in faith with.  We meet in small groups of varying sizes called clusters or cell groups.

Cell groups:

The smallest fellowship groups in ÅVM are most often started among themselves through pre-existing relationships and can be very different in how often they meet and what the focus of meeting is. These fellowships, where you can share life and your faith journey, often continue over a longer period of time. 


In a small group, you have the opportunity to participate in a fellowship of around 10-30 people who want to grow in the relationship with God and bless our city. 


Small groups are open fellowships with a clear vision about why they meet and what they want to achieve. 


Typically small groups meet 1-4 times a month depending on which group you’re in. Sometimes everyone in the group meets together, other times in smaller groups within the larger whole. 


You can read more about the available community groups below. 

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Margriet van Beest

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The sole purpose of clusters in Aarhus Valgmenighed is to create a social setting in which we can walk together as disciples of Jesus. Here you have the opportunity to participate in a manageable community of approx. 15-40 people who want to grow in their relationship with God and want to bless our city.

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Smågruppen er et kristent hverdagsfællesskab, og en vigtig måde at være kirke sammen på i ÅVM. Den ugentlige gudstjeneste er et ankerpunkt og hverdagsfællesskabet med andre troende er et andet. Gudstjenesteliv uden hverdagsfællesskab efterlader os isolerede, og derfor opfordrer vi alle troende til at være en del af et fællesskab.

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We know that the Danish language can be difficult, and it's important to us that you have a community in this city where you feel at home. We seek to fulfill this with our smaller community nights, where all events are held in English.

International Community


UpSide is our monthly evening event for all young people and students in the city. It is a space for praise and worship - a meeting place with God - a fellowship with one another.

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The mentor corps in ÅVM is a register of adult members of the congregation who voluntarily and free of charge make themselves available for a conversation over a minimum of ½ years. We are proud to have so many volunteers who want to invite others up close and walk with them in their lives and faith.

The offer is for everyone regardless of membership, affiliation or not, age or gender.

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