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Aarhus Valgmenighed works to call to people to personal faith, follow Jesus Christ and be a responsible member of the church ”(Articles of Association §3)

We want to share the good news about Jesus. Who He is and what He wants. Faith in Him is an amazing gift that opens up to the reality of God and a new life that God gives us in Him. In the church, we explore this life together through church services, communities, and fellowships, where faith is given a concrete expression in our lives.

We want to be a blessing in Aarhus, our society, and our culture by doing good together, helping, and being present both in the city, at work, on campus, and in the larger global reality.

We would like to invite followers of Jesus, whether you have wandered for a long or short time with him, to become members of the church. You can join us in taking responsibility for sharing faith and shaping it together in the 21st century.

We welcome you!




With God - for Aarhus and the world

The church's vision is an expression of what we experience God has put especially on our hearts and what characterizes us as a church. Under the individual vision points, our basic intention with the concrete vision is described.


With God - in the heart

  • In word and deed we will seek to live out the love and goodness of God in an appreciative atmosphere

  • We want to mature the personal life of the faith and the common church life by immersion in the Word of God, proper use of the sacraments, experience of the work of the Spirit, use of the classical spiritual disciplines and the charismatic gifts of grace.

  • We want to be a worshiping, poetic, artistic and prophetic voice, which both shapes church culture and is a co-creator of the culture in the city

With God - for communities and families

  • We want to invite everyone who comes to church into an edifying, inclusive community and encourage spiritual companionship and following Jesus.

  • We want to strengthen and develop marriage, family life and friendship in all phases of life

  • We want to promote a culture of responsibility in relation to membership of the congregation

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Unge og Studerende.png

With God - for young people and students

  • We want to invite and form the young generation to find and live life in the Kingdom of God and take its place in church and community life

  • We want to be a missional voice in the many environments of youth and education culture in Aarhus, pointing to the gospel of Jesus as Lord as a credible and enlightened life choice


With God - for my neighbor

  • We want to work for the power of the Kingdom of God to deliver from spiritual, emotional, social and physical poverty to the oppressed in the city and society and speak their case

  • We strive to pray and work for the power of the Kingdom of God to come with redemption for people in all walks of life and with many types of diaconal needs.

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With God - for the world

  • We want to participate in God's mission to the world that God has created, loves and reconciled with himself in Jesus

  • We want to take responsibility for the creation that God has entrusted to us in creation, through Bible-based stewardship of our money, time, and resources.

  • We will work for the common good by being responsible participants in society: in work, leisure and civil society, as followers of Jesus, wherever we go

  • We want God's motivation - love, justice, mercy and peace - to shape our motivation to call on faith in Jesus and our participation in civil society



Aarhus Valgmenighed was officially formed in September 1990 by a group of young people and families in the Danish National Church, who wanted to be a congregation with a contemporary expression of being a relevant church in culture, and with greater freedom for charismatic worship life and mission than at that time was possible in parish churches.

We are a constituency, ie. a state church - without being a parish church. Our approx. 800 members are children, young people and adults from the entire Aarhus area.

Since its inception, Aarhus Valgmenighed has been part of "Danish Oasis", which works for charismatic renewal, equipment and mission both in and outside the Danish National Church.

Hvem er vi?


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David Viftrup
Daglig leder
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Peter Viftrup Højlund
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Daniel Kjær Holmberg
Pastoral Medarbejder
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Hans-Christian V. Petterson
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Klaus Engell Grøngaard
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Jane Baumgartner-Nielsen
Assisterende præst
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Andreas Bevan
Lovsangsleder / Grafisk ansvarlig
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David Nymann Munch
Assistent i børnekirken


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Ole Møller Jensen
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Nikolaj K. Andersen
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Samuel Svendsen
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Marianne Merrild
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Mads Dahl Haahr
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Laura Primdahl Jensen
Menigt medlem
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Egild Dalsgaard
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Kirsten Trans
Kontaktperson til stab
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